We deliver our natural treat range throughout New Zealand, so your pet can access the healthiest cat and dog treats available. At Raw Essentials, we provide a wide variety of locally sourced and produced treats, and our products are certified safe, healthy, and free from starchy carbohydrates, soy, additives, and preservatives. Shop our range of natural treats below:



At Raw Essentials, we have a selection of wholesome treats for your dogs and cats to enjoy. Our natural treats come in many different forms – raw, freeze-dried, air dried, and fur. Our freeze-drying process locks in the nutrient value of our products, and because these are single ingredient products, you know exactly what you are feeding your pet. Each treat has its own texture and taste, but they all provide the benefits of raw feeding.

Try our popular chewy golden tendons that are perfect for small to medium dogs and medium breed puppies - your dogs will be occupied and at the same time will be keeping their teeth in good condition. If you are keen on giving your dog a variety of flavours, our mixed treats bag is a good option. They feature a variety of the most popular treats, which include lamb, beef, and venison products.

Give your cats and kittens some love with our freeze-dried salmon bites bites – best served crumbled! It’s a great way to add fish into their raw food diet. We also have freeze-dried hare bites suitable for all pets, including puppies and kittens! Made from 100% NZ Wild Hare, your pets will love this healthy, rewarding treat!

Apart from our delicious, locally sourced treats, we also provide 100% natural raw food for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies including minces and bone broths.

Tell us about your pet here, and we will recommend the best option to start their raw feeding journey. Get in touch today!


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