Green tripe is a superfood for dogs and other carnivores. It promotes the correct stomach acidity for optimal digestion and is an excellent source of both probiotics and digestive enzymes. In the wild, carnivores ingest carbohydrates by eating the stomach contents of their prey. These carbohydrates are beneficial to cats and dogs because they have been pre-digested by a herbivore.

Raw green tripe is full of protein vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and probiotics. They are essential for your dog’s nutrition, but shouldn’t make up a sole meal. For a well-rounded diet, shop our full range of raw pet food.

Green Tripe

Shop a Range of Tripe Flavours

At Raw Essentials we have a wide range of tripe flavours that your dog will love. For improved digestion and a happy gut, make sure to pick up some beef green tripe. These come in cube sizes of approximately 80g, and are suitable for small, medium and large dogs. Our venison tripe and lamb green tripe are just as tasty as our beef options—they come in smaller cubes, which are easier to handle and portion than large cubes.

For feeding multiple dogs (or larger dogs), pick up one of our 1kg beef green tripe rolls. These larger rolls are frozen in one piece and will need to be defrosted and used within three days. For a tasty treat, reward your dog with our dried lamb green tripe; perfect for dogs of any size.

Green Tripe for Cats: Get in Touch

Dogs love tripe, but not all cats do. If you have questions about feeding tripe to your cat, get in touch today. We will offer some alternatives that your cat will love. Alternately, you can visit one of our stores and we can come up with an appropriate feeding plan for your pet.


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