Bones are a core part of a species-appropriate diet. They promote dental health and stimulate and engage pets at meal time. It is important to feed the right type and size of bone to your pet. We usually classify bones into four categories:

⦁ Cats
⦁ Small Dogs (2kg - 10kg)
⦁ Medium Dogs (10kg - 25kg)
⦁ Large Dogs (25kg+)

There are some exceptions such as small or odd-shaped bones, or when feeding brachycephalic breeds. Please check each product description to be sure and let us know if you have any questions. You can also read more here about safe bone feeding. Shop our full range of raw meaty bones for dogs below, including wings, necks and more:


Whole Duck Frame






Pile Of Chicken Necks For Pets


Salmon Tails


Pile Of Duck Necks For Pets


Possum Piece Small
1148 Salmon Steaks 01
1203 Possum Pieces Medium 01
Venison Brisket Bone 1662
1236 Chicken Frame Turks 01
Wallaby Tail Large
1240 Lamb Brisket Pieces 01


8 pack on sale!
1207 Veal Brisket 4pp 01


1259 Turkey Necks 01


1253 Turkey Drums 01


1197 Goat Pieces Medium 01
Jack Mackarel Sparts Raw Fish For Dogs
Wallaby Pieces 1679
1246 Pig Trotters 01


1231 Veal Necks 4pp 01


Goat Brisket



At Raw Essentials we have raw meaty bones in a range of proteins that your dog or cat is sure to love. Due to the seasonality of some of our products, the size of each may vary.

If your pet loves chicken, we’ve got lots to choose from, including organic chicken frames, free range chicken frames and chicken wings. Chicken is a great source of phosphorus and B vitamins for dogs, making it a healthy option for raw feeders. We also have delicious turkey necks, turkey wings and turkey nibbles available. We recommend feeding fish 2-3 times per week, so try a salmon steak or pilchard.

For a full-balanced diet, we suggest feeding your pet raw meaty bones alongside other raw mixes, organs and green tripe.

Not sure how to start?

Thinking about getting raw bones for your pet? It’s important that the raw bones are the right size for your dog or cat to chew, so be sure to get in touch with Raw Essentials if you have any questions or concerns. Alternately, you can visit us in-person at one of our stores and we can help you come up with a healthy and safe feeding plan for your cat or dog.


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