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Organ Meats

Many of our frozen products contain organs and also have a range of NZ-grown organ treats. Organs are rich in vitamins and minerals including B Vitamins and A Vitamin and they are packed full of Essential Fatty Acids.

Organ Meats & Heavy Metal Contamination

More information on the important of organ meats and the excess of cadmium (a heavy metal found in soil) which can enter the food chain via fruit, vegetables and organs of livestock.

Balance in Raw Pet Food Diets

Nutrient imbalance is a risk for both processed and raw diets. Our biggest tip for balanced raw feeding is offering a mix of meat, green tripe, organs, and bones from a variety of prey sources.

Mixes & Minces

Our mixes are the foundation of a Raw Essentials feeding plan. There is nothing unnecessary added – all of our products are sustainably-sourced, traceable, and 100% natural.

How do I know what mixes to feed?

Do you recommend feeding beef to dogs?

Ten Essential Rules for Raw Feeding

The right nutrition, and a well planned species-appropriate diet, is the basis of better health and more energy and enjoyment for life. Follow these ten rules for planning your pet's diet.


Our chicken is from the human food chain. Depending on what is available we use a mix of free range and barn raised chickens for our mixes, necks and frames.

Can I give my dog food poisoning?

Raw Feeding Your Cat

Here are a few simple rules to follow to make the transition to raw an enjoyable experience for your cat. Also check out Converting Cats.

Raw Feeding Your Dog

Raw feeding is easy and Raw Essentials offers ongoing support and advice. There are a few simple rules to follow to make it an enjoyable experience for your dog.

Do you need to add supplements?


Wondering if it's necessary to add supplements to your pet's raw fed diet?

Can I recycle Raw Essentials packaging?

Feeding Kittens & Puppies

Kittens and puppies can enjoy a raw diet, too. Due to their growth spurts, monitor their condition closely and change their intake to suit their needs.

Microbes & Health

Mammals (including people, cats, and dogs) are home to trillions of microbes - they live all over us, but mostly in the gut. This article sheds light on the affect of microbes and includes links to more detailed research on microbes and health.

Grain-Free Diets

As more and more consumers cotton-on to the fact that dogs and cats do best on a species-appropriate diet, pet food manufacturers rush to release products that have the appearance of being species-appropriate, but that can be made on the cheap. Most products in the U.S. are now marketed as 'natural', and now one in every two new products introduced to the market is sold as 'grain-free.'

How to Ensure a Balanced Raw Diet

Feeding a raw diet is a bit like feeding yourself: you eat a variety of foods, with the expectation that this will meet your nutrient needs over time.

Raw Food in Supermarkets & Pet Stores

We are regularly asked for advice on raw-feeding by people who are unable to access our products. A growing number of raw food options have become available in the supermarkets and in large pet-store chains, but there are issues that buyers need to be aware of.

Gut Health

The gut is our first line of defence against the outside world. The bulk of our immune system resides there and a healthy gut is required for good health. There are two major conditions negatively affecting the gut health of people and pets: leaky gut and dysbiosis.

Feeding Variety

Feeding variety ensures your pet eats a great range of nutrients. Here, we have some handy advice for feeding your pet a variety of prey species.

Raw Feeding Evidence

A brief overview of the three main areas of research in support of raw-feeding: the nutrient content of raw food; the non-nutritive aspects of raw food (i.e. dental health and behavioural enrichment); and food safety issues for human and pet health.

Anal Glands

The health and function of the anal glands, gut health and nutrition is linked. A raw food diet can help dogs experiencing anal gland issues

Bone Feeding Guide

We encourage feeding raw meaty bones to fully raw fed cats and dogs. Meaty bones provide cats and dogs with behavioural stimulation, dental benefits and appropriate nutrition - plus they love them!


The best diet for cancer prevention is a diet that provides the nutritional components required to maintain healthy cells and repair unhealthy ones.

Blood Tests & Raw Feeding

Raw feeders sometime find that results on some blood tests are slightly elevated. Here's some information, including research findings, explaining why this happens.

Thiamine & Preservatives

An overview of the various preservatives found in processed pet-food and how they impact animal nutrition.

Analysis of AVMA Statement on Raw Feeding

It is commonly thought amongst veterinarians that raw-feeding poses a significantly greater risk, and on the basis of this, they warn against raw-feeding. This article analyses the 2012 AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) statement on raw-feeding.

Converting Cats

Many cats happily transition to raw food, but some will find it hard to shake their biscuit addiction. If your cat won’t quit the biscuits, try the method below, or talk to one of our staff for support.

Pet Food Marketing

An overview of common 'natural' marketing trends seen within the pet food industry, and what they mean.

Dental Health

Dental health is important for many reasons - as well as causing infection, inflammation & pain, bacterial build up in the oral cavity can disseminate and affect other parts of the body, including the heart and kidneys.

Pet Food Labels

Many people think hard about their food choices and we've become a nation of label readers. The information here will help to simplify the reading of pet food labels. But be warned - the current system of pet food regulation is ineffective at informing consumers and protecting pets.

Nutritional Requirements of Cats

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they have nutritional requirements that can only be met with a diet based on animal tissue. The macronutrient profile for cats is high in protein and fat, consistent with a meat and bone based diet.

The Safety of Raw Feeding

More information on salmonella, the risk of infection for pets and people, and food safety tips and best hygiene practice to prevent infection.

Junk Pet Food by Tom Lonsdale

Tom Lonsdale is an English vet and a strong advocate for raw feeding. This article discusses processed pet food and the detrimental impact it has on the health of cats and dogs.

Cats, Diet & Disease

Cats evolved to eat small prey animals. They cannot utilise plant proteins to satisfy their nutrient requirements. Wild cats eat a meat-based diet: high protein, moderate fat, minimal carbohydrate and a high moisture content.

The Science Behind Raw Feeding

An overview of research that supports feeding pets their evolutionary diet, which covers the nutrient content of raw food; the non-nutritive aspect of raw food; and food safety issues (for human and pet health).

Mixed Feeding & Gastric Acidity

At Raw Essentials we encourage customers to avoid mixing raw and processed pet foods. Your pet's gut processes these foods in different ways and can cause stomach upsets.

The Safety of Processed Food

An overview of pet food standards and their dietary requirements, and how the manufacturing process impacts the nutrient profile of processed pet food.

Your Stories

Rescue Cat Hasn't Looked Back

Simba & Kat

Simba was 16 weeks old when we adopted him and his brother, Mouse. He had stitches, a stump where his tail used to be, but he was the sweetest little boy I'd ever seen. We fell in love with him immediately.

His weight fluctuated in his first year of life, he went from a normal weight, to skinny, to a bit porky, and back to skinny again. But the most concerning thing is that he scratched around his face and neck constantly, to the point where he had bald patches and scabs. Before going raw, I took him to our conventional vet who said it is most likely a food allergy causing his itchiness, and that an elimination diet or novel protein diet could help.

I found Raw Essentials through an online search and haven't looked back. We go to the Hamilton branch, and the resident vet Rebecca has been so wonderful, we really feel cared for - she always asks after Simba and how he is going and has given so much guidance. I'm pleased to report that Simba's coat is noticeably softer and has grown in beautifully from where he was scratching, he now absolutely goes nuts for his food and is a healthy weight. Currently he eats a raw meat diet including organs and bones, even bone broth and probiotics which is a better diet than for me, his mum!

We have a little way to go yet, but I'm confident we will get to perfect health with the raw diet and the amazing team that is Raw Essentials. Keep up the good work!


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