Our range of raw goat cat food and dog food is sustainably sourced, traceable, and 100% natural to give your pet delicious dinners without aggravating their tummies or sensitive skin. Goat is a great source of protein that provides several essential vitamins and minerals to keep your pet happy without compromising on taste.

Raw goat meat is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids - required to control inflammation. It is high in iron: vital for transporting oxygen through the body; and B vitamins such as riboflavin: involved in energy metabolism, healthy eyes and skin, and facilitates the anti-oxidant effects of selenium.Goat is a great novel protein option for cats and dogs who are struggling with inflammation. It appears to be particularly easy to digest compared to other wild proteins. Shop raw goat dog food and cat food here.


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Science-based nutrition is at the heart of our pet food range at Raw Essentials. Our nutritious and delicious food is crafted to keep your pet pals healthy and happy. Raw Essentials provides just that—raw, sustainably-sourced meat, mixes, and minces, packed full of essential vitamins and minerals and free from synthetic additives. You know exactly what you’re feeding your furry friends when you shop with us.

Raw goat meat is a high-quality protein that won’t aggravate the gut of your beloved pets. Keep your canines and felines happy and full with raw goat dog food and raw goat cat food.

Our range of raw goat products includes delicious goat mince. This product is made of wild goat, rich in protein, and makes for tasty morsels for your cat or dog.

If you’re looking for an easy snack, why not try our goat lung slices? These large nutritious pieces are perfect for in-between mealtime snacks to keep your energetic Fido occupied and satisfied.


All of our goat is wild and hunted in New Zealand. Mostly it is sourced within the North Island, but we do get South Island supply from time to time (South Island goats are typically leaner). As with our other wild products, it is challenging to secure a consistent supply. We provide goat mince cubes, as well as a range of goat bones and also some natural goat treats and chews as well.


Goat bones are a relatively dense bone option but they are not as hard as some other types of bones. Our goat pieces come in medium and large sizes and are appropriate for experienced bone eating dogs. Be sure to pick correct sized bones so they are safe for your pet. Find out more about bone feeding safety here.

Raw goat products are made to complement a varied diet. Our goat dog and cat food are excellent additions to help complete your pet's nutrition. We recommend pairing these tasty treats and foods with a variety of other proteins, such as our protein mixes and bones. A food variety ensures your pet pal gets the best nutrition for long and healthy life.

If you have a fussy pet, Raw Essentials can help you create a meal plan that works for them. Talk to us, and we will help you learn how to start a raw diet for your beloved pets.


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