Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common store, delivery, raw feeding and nutrition questions

General & Store Info

Where are your stores located?
What are your opening hours?
How can I contact you?
Do you have vets or vet nurses?
Is feeding raw more expensive?
Do you offer click and collect from store?
Do you offer bulk pricing?
Do you have a returns policy?
I have a shop, can I retail your products?
I'd love to work for you, how do I apply?

Packs & Subscriptions

How do subscriptions work?
How can I cancel my subscription?
Can I change the details of my subscription?
When does my payment come out of my account?
How long is the contract?
What products are available on subscription?

Delivery & Shipping

Is there a minimum order for delivery?
What areas do you deliver to?
How much does delivery cost?
When do you deliver?
What happens if I am not home for delivery?
How does the food stay frozen during transit?

Sustainability & Supply Chain

Do you export?
Do you use any imported products?
How do you trace your products?
How are you sustainable?
Can I recycle Raw Essentials packaging?

How to Raw Feed

Do I change to raw gradually or all at once?
Do I need to feed organs?
How do I know what mixes to feed?
How do I know what bones to feed?
Can I feed biscuits alongside a raw diet?
How do I store my food?
How much should I feed?
Where should I feed my pet?
When should I feed my pet?
Can I serve a mix of proteins in one meal?
Can pets eat frozen food or is it best defrosted?
When can I start raw feeding my puppy or kitten?
Can I still give my dog treats?
Do you need to add supplements?
What does 'novel' protein mean?
What is bone broth?
Can I feed eggs to my pet?
Can I feed table scraps?
Can I feed raw fish to my cat or dog?
Can I give vegetables to my pet?
I can't access Raw Essentials, how do I raw feed my pet?

Health & Nutrition

Will a raw diet solve my pet's health problems?
Will raw feeding help my pet's digestive issues?
How can I make sure my raw diet is balanced?
Why does my dog or cat eat grass?
Is my pet over or under weight?
Do you have a list of vets who are supportive of raw feeding?
Does a raw diet put my pet at risk of DCM?

What to Expect With Raw

Can I give my dog food poisoning?
Will my pet's stools be different?
Why does my pet drink less water?
Are there risks with raw feeding?
Does raw feeding make dogs aggressive?
What if I travel on holiday with my dog and cannot store meat?
Where can I find out more about raw feeding?


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