Alongside our extensive range of raw pet food products, we also provide advice and support (free of charge) including:

  • How to transition your pet to a raw diet
  • Creating a balanced personlised meal plan to suit the needs of your pet
  • Calculate how much you should be feeding your pet (to maintain, gain or lost weight) for their breed, activity level and life stage.
  • Tips for raw feeding on a budget while ensuring balance and variety
  • Specialist nutritional guidance from our in-house Vet for pets with medical conditions or that are under ongoing veterinary care

Got any questions or concerns about getting started with raw feeding? Don't hesitate to reach out to our team in store or online!

New Raw Feeder

Venison Straps
Pile Of 30cm Beef Straps For Pets


Stack of 3 Venison Straps Treats for Pets
Bull Pizzle


Pile Of Cattle Hooves Treats For Dogs


A Deer Ear Treat For Pets


Beef ear




new look!
RE Product Shoot 2023 Nov8584
new look!
RE Product Shoot 2023 Nov8571
new look!
RE Product Shoot 2023 Nov8575
new look!
RE Product Shoot 2023 Nov8581
new look!
RE Product Shoot 2023 Nov8591
Lamb Ear Dipped Liver
Pile Of Dried Lamb Lungs For Pets
1303 Lamb Lung Slices 01
Beef Liver and Lamb Liver Treats


Pile Of Venison Liver For Pets


Goat Liver


Dried Ling Skin 1701
Ostrich Liver


Great For Travel
RE Product Shoot 2023 Nov8677
Stack of Veal Paddywhack For Pets


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