Dogs are carnivores and require a mix of meat, bones, organs, and tripe to ensure an optimal balance of nutrients. We generally consider small dogs to be under 10kg.

If you are new to raw feeding, take our questionnaire so we can establish the optimal diet for your dog, or ask one of our team online (chat function or email if your dog has health concerns). We will put together a feeding plan for your dog based on feeding at least three protein sources per week, including wild species, and appropriately-sized bones and green tripe.

When choosing bones, look for options that are sized appropriately for your dog. Chat to us before starting bones and read more about bone safety before you begin.

Small Dogs

Whole Minced Rabbit Cubes 01


1077 Wild Goat Mince 01


1141 Salmon Mince 01


1160 Veal Meat Mince Medallions 01
Stack Of Raw Veal Fillets


Veal Meat Cubes8454
Beef Meat Cubes 1669
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1184 Wild Goat Meat Cubes Boneless 01
Sheep Meat
1044 Green Tripe Beef


Pile Of Chicken Necks For Pets


Pile Of Duck Necks For Pets


1148 Salmon Steaks 01


Wallaby Tail Large
1240 Lamb Brisket Pieces 01


Pile Of 15cm Beef Straps For Pets


Venison Straps
Stack Of Possum Chew For Pets
Bull Pizzle


Pile Of Cattle Hooves Treats For Dogs


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